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About JC Building Contractors

JC Building Contractors (JCBC) is a family-owned and operated business taking the construction industry by storm. You are in great hands with our building specialists who have over 17 years of combined experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management. 

 With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we execute and deliver cost effective projects to ensure our clients' peace of mind, comfort, and the security of their dream home. We understand that construction journeys may bring about some stress. We also understand that Australians lead busy daily lives.  And so, we ease the stressful building process the best we can by accommodating our clients' needs so that they can spend more of their free time to relax and be with their loved ones.

It all began with a passion to deliver The Great Australian Dream to Australians both efficiently and sustainably all the while maintaining superior quality and utmost safety amongst our team and valued clients.

Our team of reliable and dedicated tradesmen work diligently to ensure that our clients' every need is met throughout the construction journey, be it; a new home, duplex, granny flat or a renovation. We work to ensure that project scheduling is precise and cost-effective, so that you know what to expect from us every time.

This is the JCBC Standard.

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At the start of your construction journey, we listen attentively and understand all of your needs and desires to the nth degree, while considering compliance standards and conditions that must be adhered to, when we provide you with our FREE JCBC quote.

Once you accept our quote, contracts, insurances, home warranty, and other administration documents will be issued to you for signing. Strategic meetings will be arranged for you to meet with our building specialists, as we take you through the building process and all the specifics and explain the significance of these documents such as home warranty, and the approaches to the construction phase that will suit you.

Contact us today for your FREE quote, and experience the JCBC Standard.