Duplexes are two identical homes that share a central wall. Much like granny flats, duplexes offer rental income by renting one (or both!) of the homes.

JC Building Contractors specialise in the development of duplex homes. We recognise the significant

investment value that duplex homes hold and we work efficiently and strategically at competitive rates. Our consultants and tradesmen extensively understand the challenges that may arise when building a duplex. Our experience has afforded us the ability to recognise those challenges

and strategically overcome them without compromise.

The first step for us is to understand our clients’ needs and desires. We then

survey and analyse the area and check for environmental and legal regulations. Our team of highly creative and talented architects will then design a sustainable and unique duplex home that will suit your needs while considering the most efficient ways to maintain spacious living for any size of land.

The JCBC team understands the importance of combining utility, space management while maintain attractive aesthetics. Privacy between the two homes is also of utmost importance when it comes to duplex homes, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your privacy and comfort will be safeguarded. At JCBC, we are perfectionists. Quality is never to be compromised and detailed finishes are emphasised. Schedules are strictly adhered to as much as possible so that you can move in or rent out in the promised timeframe.

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