Our Frequently Asked Questions Answered Here

Identifying the right construction partner could be a daunting task. Here are some of the common questions asked by our consumers.
Our team is available to assist you if you have any clarifications or queries;

This is a myth, and it does not affect the overall building cost. The project budget is based on the planning, materials source, human resources and other factors. The cost for both a custom home and a predesigned project is almost similar in most cases. However, there is a chance that custom homes might even be cheaper than its counterparts.

We do not expect our clients to bring anything for the meeting. We are open and in fact, encourage them to share your ideas and expectations for your dream home. Our team gathers the information and execute the necessary job. We are a fully-fledged team who can handle everything from land surveys to designing the preliminary drawing.

We will be delighted to construct your existing design into reality. Our team would analyse the various aspects of the plan, suggest if any changes are required and include additional inputs. We assure the same level of dedication for the project, even if it is a small one.

We are one of the most notable companies in Albury Wodonga, and our previous projects stand as a testimony to our works. We can offer reference and reviews of our clientele. We have a transparent and process-oriented work culture, which aids our team to provide periodic updates on the developments. We also offer a ten-year warranty which is an added advantage.

How To Get Started

Working with Border Homes is segmented into a few key steps which help us to deliver excellent solutions. These segments have assisted us to deliver quality outcomes in shorter time periods. We have formulated a simplistic program to support all categories of clients.

  • Understand the critical elements like location, size, timeline and budget.
  • Gather the requirements along with the special mentions.
  • Create the layout and design plan.
  • Formulate the budget and timeframe.
  • Develop the complete process with an expected timeline.
  • Construction of the dream home.
  • Follow up and Warranty.