Granny Flats

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Granny Flats

Built as secondary dwellings, granny flats make the perfect addition to main homes situated on large parcels of land.

For the savvy investor owner-occupiers on the look out for low cost, easy maintenance investment opportunities, this is the way to go! Granny flats not only increase the value of homes, but they also yield reliable rental income streams that will help with paying down a mortgage and ease stress.

For expanding families who need some extra space to accommodate guests or even newly hitched children and their significant others, granny flats present the ultimate solution. Granny flats minimise disturbances to the main home and also offer the same level of privacy, only in a more intimate space.

Our building specialists at JC Building Contractors will put forward their creativity and innovative solutions to form the ideal plan to design and build the granny flat that you envision. Generally, the construction of a granny flat will span over a short period of 12 weeks from the date of approval.

Our Granny Flat Design and Construction Process

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